Home management course

A trained housekeeper – salvation for every household

This is a 4 weeks interactive course

This course is an extension of our popular house keeping course and is designed to provide the skills required to advance from being just a domestic worker to become ‘the Housekeeper’ managing the entire household.  The course is ideal if you are generally happy with your domestic helpers performance and daily routine, but you want to improve their skills about organizing, planing, hygiene, nutrition, safety & security as well as communication and etiquette ect…

These lessons are more theoretical in nature as we address the general approach of managing a household with group lessons taking place in the classroom. There is an assessment at course end, and a certificate will be awarded on successful completion of the course. This course is available at Norscot Manor Recreation Center Fourways, and @ Field & Study Center in Parkmore.

Topics covered in this course:

  • House Keepers Job Description
  • Responsibilities – Hygiene Principles – Etiquette – Communication Skills
  • General Household Duties – Cleaning Techniques – Organization & Time Management
  • Nutrition & Menu Planing – Table Laying – Grocery List
  • Household Safety and Security

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