Domestic Training Courses @Field & Study Recreation Center Parkmore


Baby Care & Child Minding (4x3hour lessons) 11.February/  2.June/  1.September

Crisis Control & First Aid including CPR – Dates will be announced on our website

Home Management (4x3hour lessons) 7.April/  4.August

Cooking & Baking, 4 and 8* weeks courses, (bring your own ingredients) Thursdays 9h00 – 12h00

28.January- Healthy Cooking1/  25.February- Basic Cooking

7.April – Kids Favourites/  5.May Italian Cooking/  2.June – Winter Cooking*(8weeks)

4.August- Basic Cooking/  1.September- Healthy Cooking3/ 29.September- Summer Cooking*(8weeks)  24.November- Healthy Cooking2

May – Basic Baking Course on Saturday mornings

 – Private lessons by arrangement –

Cooking/ Baking classes for teenagers during school holidays